Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mas baile

Meses atras, YMCA organizó una presentación con diferentes números de baile en donde partició Vernetta's dance studio a donde van mis hijas a tomar clase. Mi nena partició en el, junto con parte de la compañia de jovencitas. La instructora de baile quería que lucieran un cabello muy espectacular y conociendo la textura lacia y rebelde del cabello de mi hija, le compré un "postizo" que até sin ningún problema y vualá, resulstado instatáneo. Pero mejor tomen un momento para ver el video. Trabajaron muy duro para un buen resultado de la coreografía, crean esto, meses.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Y lo que sigue...

Aquí les presentamos, a petición popular... Waltz

Cha cha

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Waltz, Chacha and Merengue

Queremos compartir la competencia en la que participó A. Ella y su pareja de baile ganaron el 3er lugar. Sin duda mi niña no tiene dos pies izquierdos como sus padres. Y sin mas preambulos aquí va...

Monday, February 15, 2010

The perfomers.

I almost forgot. My Nena had a birthday Jan. 15th, she turned 12. I asked her almost a month before -what do you want for your bd?- She wasn't sure, didn't come with a single idea, so I suggested to go for whale watching. She was very pleased, since I have to say, she is an animal-lover, but not just in the cute kind of way. She really is a savvy of many things, so she enjoyed the adventure a lot. I hope one day we can go to Baja California Sur for a closer encounter with the gray whales.

So far, it was good.
And now. About the posting's title.

When I was a girl, school girl, I made it into several plays. I liked to perform, even I was kind of an artist. But I think my girls go beyond what I was or intended to be. Both are really good writers and like to dance, which wasn't my strong talent. Aitana is even a good drawer and very creative doing so.

The last projects for both of them was a video clip, Bidane made it for water conservation concerns and Aitana danced as a fire for a school project, to demostrate the wild fires destructions and consequences. -Lucky girls- Pepe knows how to use this devices to video clips.

Monday, January 04, 2010

The best of 2009

One of my resolutions for this year is to re-take my blog. I started to let it go before facebook, but now I think I should post regulary. It is kind of fun and my writing can be extensive, instead of small message like -my nose is bleeding or my zuchini soup is so delicious-. But I'm going to add one twist, every time I post something I'll announce it through facebook.

2010 is here, I'm very happy for this, every new year is a good thing and having reached it is even better.

But I have to say last year was a good one for me, I learned new things, I made new friends, and visited family in Mexico. Ah yeah, and I've being learning classic music and opera over-hearing this new hobby for Pepe. By the way, Mahler is kind of confusing and tortured guy.
One of the highlights of 2009 was Guanajuato, city of frogs in central Mexico. A very rich mining town during the colony time.

If you wondered what the name of this blog means, vestido colgante. You should know that's the title of my favorite painting by Frida Kahlo, my dress hangs there. We found an interactive exhibit of Frida Kahlo's work in one museum of Guanajuato.

Thanks to Isaura, Pepe's mama and Elliott that invited us.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Tan chula.

Just because she is soooooooooo beautiful! Its amazing to witness
the growth and development of my daugthter, I can't believe it.
She is becoming under my eyes, the most sweet and intelligent creature on earth, very talented, centered girl.
XXXXXXX my love.
O.k and in other order of ideas....I should re-take this blog, right? At least to post our experiences. I've been very happy and bussy these days. For example, last week we celebrated earthday and the 5th graders organized a nice fair at school, this beautiful young lady had a booth with a friend and they educated boys and girls with an animal game. The school-garden had a booth too and we invited an expert on seedballs (co-worker of mine), to show the kids an effective and better method of planting.
Just a week ago, the girls and I went to help clean up Chollas Creek and made restoration by planting native plants and getting rid of the invasive ones. -Very cool-
Also, we had the opening season of Vernetta's dance studio. As every year, the girls participated by dancing tap.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Guacamole, Obama?

Obama, Obama, RA.RA.RA. That was just a Mexican Cheer song.

I'm happily impressed by Obama's extended family, people of different "origins" but every body making one. So colorful, so rich.

And one more thing that reflects Obama rich culture is his food preference, that happens to be MEXICAN. But not what is common in this country, "burritous and taquitous". -No, pues- he likes the real thing. I just read he goes to Topolobampo, a Chicago restaurat owned by one of my favorites Chefs, Rick Bayless.

Rick Bayless is a researcher and creative of Mexican cuisine, so probably Obama has tasted better Mexican delicatessen that my self. So, Obama, -buen provecho-.